Building Energy Consulting with one goal in mind - to reduce the carbon footprint of your building. We offer:
 - [ New Build ] services to architects and property developers
 - Energy Saving Advice for existing [ Commercial ] and [ Residential ] properties 


22/08/2016 Fungus could solve Li-ion battery recycling problem
14/06/2015 Solar Power could be as cheap as Fossil Fuel by 2020
02/11/2014 Massive Solar Farm in Sahara could supply energy to UK
20/03/2014 Energy Efficiency & Solar Project in Bexhill
25/11/2013 Underground Hot Air put to good use
04/04/2013 Hobbit houses - by Chris Collier on Sustainable Business Toolkit
03/12/2012 New plastic light bulb promises improved efficiency and better light quality
16/10/2012 'Big Energy Saving Week' website goes live
11/07/2012 World's largest offshore wind farm in London
06/07/2012 Progress update on fantastic solar bridge project
01/06/2012 IMechE with a logical call for more electricity storage
10/04/2012 The next step for solar - combining PV and hot water
07/12/2011 COP17 underway in South Africa
28/11/2011 UK Renewable Heat Incentive Launched
06/10/2011 World's Largest Solar Bridge - London 

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